Ok… So, I took all kinds of time creating this blog. In my head. Lots of ideas form and grow and flourish in my head. The problem becomes translating them to everyone else’s head… Typical me.

Even after this blog idea moved from my head to paper word document, I still couldn’t get it to come across the way I wanted. Planning this blog, I had cute alliterations for every day, of things I would post. For example, Monday I would post something under the category of “Movement Monday,” where I would share some type of tip for exercise. Each day had its own theme.

And before that idea even actual started on this blog… I changed my mind.

If you know me, unfortunately you probably aren’t suprised that I changed my mind. Oops. I change my mind a lot. Example: my whole life (literally since I can remember) I wanted to be a teacher. Why should I even consider any other options? I didn’t. And then I went to college, majored in elementary education for 3 years and decided I didn’t want to do it. Crap. So I switched my major. A few times. And where am I now, you might ask? I’m working on my masters in clinical mental health counseling. Phew. And what do I want to do when I graduate? That typically changes about once a month. Ok, week. Alright, day. Orrr… every few hours?

You get the idea. A lot of things sound appealing to me. Really, with the former example, there are numerous jobs that sound appealing to me, so how am I supposed to choose just one? My goal is to not have to do that.

How’d we get on the topic of jobs? I’m telling you… this is how my brain works.

So welcome. You get the idea of how these postings might be. Scattered. But straight from my head to my fingers to this screen. Hope you’re ready for the crazy.

My real goal is to just give some useful info for making your life full of healthy habits. I’m pro-health. I also love to cook and bake, run and pump iron. You’ll often find me reading a book or watching a baseball game (unfortunately mostly just on TV since I’m a broke-as-a-joke grad student).

Again, why am I talking about me? That’s what the Kara page is for.

So come prepared to read about new recipes, what I’m eating, how I’m working out, cool information I’ve recently gleaned from various sites, books, magazines, blogs, etc.

Nice to have you here!


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