I am so excited you are here. This blog has been a long time coming. Frankly, I my goal is not to be the most-read blog [which is probably good], but I enjoy writing and blogging for my own sake! However, since you did decide to read – let me tell you about me!

My name’s Kara. Born and raised in the midwest. All-American. Girl next door. Typical midwestern lady. I love America. My last year of college my house hosted a fantastic 4th of July in April party. This guy wasn’t there, but he was hanging out in the neighborhood I was staying in on my recent visit to Charleston, SC.

Charleston, SC - Memorial Day 2011

Speaking of Charleston, SC… I’d love to move to the south once I finish grad school. Speaking of grad school… I’m doin’ it! I graduated with my BS in psychology after a wonderful victory lap (that means I spent 5 years in my undergrad) and moved straight into a summer internship working for the government, and then beginning grad school studying mental health counseling. That summer internship has turned into a full-time job, so now I’m working full-time and doin’ grad school full time. Oddly enough, I’m still looking for hobbies. Enter this blog.

When I’m not schoolin’ or working, I’m likely running…

Finished my first full-marathon! October 2010

… hanging out with my fantastic friends…
…baking something tasty, reading a book about food, hanging out with my house church friends, or just enjoying my fantastic life…

 While my life is currently not at all where I thought it would be when I planned it a few years ago (yea… I’m a planner…), I don’t think it could be any better. I am just so blessed. I have battled with eating issues. I have watched both parents battle with cancer. I’ve had health issues of my own. I have had my heart broken and I’ve broken someone’s heart. I’ve done things I’ve regretted and I’ve made memories I will never forget. I’ve learned to follow a God who is always leading and learned to beware of an Enemy who is always attacking. I know the deepest emptiness of being loneliness and the greatest joy of community. I know what it is to work hard, and I am learning how to take it easy. I am Kara and I am learning to make health a habit.

Charleston, 2011.

I’m glad you’re here. Journey with me.


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