Need to Read

These are some of the blogs I read… The list is starting out short because I really only want to give the good ones. I frequent lots of blogs, but these ones are making the list of the best of the best. Check ’em out. Yo.

Dashing Dish – Currently my all-time favorite blog. Katie writes about food, fitness and God. Three things I love most. Check out her fantastic recipes! They are all healthier versions of things you love!

Yes I Want Cake – This Katie is a new mom and 3rd grade teacher who often blogs about her delicious meals, inspiring healthy eating and living!

Healthy Food For Living – Lauren has an excellent take on food and life – she eats to live and lives to eat. Amen! I love her recipes – they are easy to follow and delicious! Yum. Oh, she also has degrees in psychology and counseling… Like someone else I know!

Love from the Oven – Just take a look at what Christi does! How could you not want to read this blog daily? I love her collections of other recipes, as well!

Healthful Pursuit – Leanne is a nutritionist and just adorable. Her recipes are listed by dietary considerations and are always tasteful and usually good for you. Just the way I like it!

The Healthy Everythingatarian – Holly is not only clever and cute in her blog posts, she likes food. Like me. And, like me, is pursuing health. A great read!

Meghan Telpner – Nutritionista – Megan is a young nutrition specialist and great cook! Her blogs are simply inspiring and definitely worth checkin’ out!

Fitnessista – basically, I am just jealous of Gina. She is gorgeous, funny, has a cute husband, writes witty blog posts, and is in darn good shape. You’ll love her thoughts and advice.

OneFitFoodie – Naomi is amazing! I have done a few of her workouts now and LOVE them! Check her out!



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