Remember January first where we all challenge ourselves to some ridiculous new years resolutions?!

To be honest, I don’t remember mine off the top of my head. But then again, I’m not remembering much lately (information overload!)!


Also, remember the time on Sunday I bought a new swimsuit?! I sure do. Then I realized spring is just about here which means summer is on it’s merry little way!


Anyway. I decided to try challenging myself to some new things. I work well with small challenges. It is much easier to count small successes than huge failures; I tend to see bigger failures when my goals are too unrealistic…Really these have nothing to do with pool/beach season. But you could do some fitness/health challenge if you want.


This weeks challenge: no artificial sweeteners.

Today I put real suga in my coffee.

Who am I?

But seriously, I like these small, simple challenges.

Keeps life exciting, ya know?



an ode to coffee [in pictures]

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