90s flashback. you’re welcome.

I was watching the kids ride the bus home from the schools near my house and I began to think about the days when I was school. Before that, earlier in the day, my coworker and I were discussing parts of our lives as kids (playing outside, oatmeal cream pies – you know typical conversations…).

Beware – this is a long post, but it’s well worth it.

Please enjoy this 90s flashback.

…I could have been going into any grade from 1st to 8th… Who knows.

First, I’d have done my hair in pony-tail with a scrunchie.

I would have then put on my skort before walking off to school,

making sure to grab my tamagatchi so I could feed my pet all day long.

Later on, I’d ditch the tamagatchi for the latest and greatest cell phone:

At school, I’d write lots of notes to friends in our notebooks or on paper, which I’d fold something like this:

I’d write these notes with my sweet collection of gel pens

which I kept in my pencil box.

During gym class the teacher would break out the parachute and we’d have fun for the whole class.

When the teachers were tired of teaching, and the students tired of learning, we’d likely play a riveting game of heads-up-7-up before heading home.

After school, I’d head home to watch Full House

or Clarissa Explains it All, depending on the day and time.

When mom said enough t.v., I’d read a whole Babysitter’s Club book,

give Magic Eye a try for the 100th time without succeeding,

or trade some Pogs with a friend or my brother.

After dinner, I’d do some homework out of my Lisa Frank folder

which I kept in my LF Trapper Keeper.

As the evening would come to an end, I’d play some Sim City on our huge desktop computer

while chatting with about 20 friends on AIM, until my turn on the computer was over.

Before finally heading to bed, I’d make some friendship bracelets for my friends

while listening to a mix tape of some of my favorite artists

consisting of:

Thanks to google and Children of the 90s for the pics.