Tabata Combo Workout

I had no desire to go to the gym after waiting in line to vote… Plus I was sore from yesterday’s TRX workout (excuses, excuses).

I wanted to do something basically just to not feel so guilty for all the Halloween candy I ate today…
Try this 20 minute Tabata-style workout for a quick @ home heart-rate booster:

(Do each combo for a 4 minute Tabata: 20 sec exercise A, 10 sec rest, 20 sec exercise B, 10 sec rest – repeat, doing each exercise a total of 4 times)

  • A.  Jumping Jacks
  • B.  Floor Jacks
  • A. Burpee
  • B. Mountain Climber
  • A. High Knees
  • B.  Butt-kickers
  • A. Front Jabs (cross body punches)
  • B. Front Kicks
  • Speed Skaters (do this all 8 sets)

Treadmill Sprints

The treadmill used to be my worst enemy. Why anyone would want to spend more than 5 minutes on the thing blew my mind.

But now, I’m coming to see it as very useful in this 100+ degree summer weather we’ve been having. Running with humidity and 100 degrees? Ehh, no thanks.

I think I’ve talked about sprinting on the TM before, but I don’t know.

I used to do this [lame] TM routine where I’d increase the speed 0.5 mph per minute but would have the incline all the way up and be holding on… I I

Sure I’d sweat and it would read that I burned a lot of calories and ultimately it was semi-helpful, but I spent at least an hour doing that and probably wasn’t getting the best results.

In the past year I’ve been doing 20-30 minutes of sprints. I started out 1 min walking @ 4 mph, 30 seconds sprinting @ around 8 mph. Or… something similar.

Then, about a month ago I switched it up to where I walked 30 seconds @ 4 mph and ran 15 secs @ 8.5-9.0 mph.

Today, I switched it up and walked 30 seconds @ 4 mph and 20 sec @ 10 mph for 25 minutes.

Start slower and walk longer, but make sure to increase these intervals quickly, before your body gets used to what you are doing.

My goal is to switch up my interval time and/or speed every 2 weeks.

Below I’ve posted some links to what others do for TM intervals:

Monday Move[s] – AMRAP

Are you familiar with AMRAP style workouts?

AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible, within a certain time limit.

I have been trying to do an AMRAP style workout in the morning because they are short and sweet but pack a good punch!

I did this one the other day using a medicine ball, but if you don’t have a med ball you can use a kettle ball, dumbell, or just your body weight.

10 Min – AMRAP

  • 10 sumo squat with overhead swing
  • 30 mountain climbers on medicine ball (if no ball, put your hands nearly on top of each other rather than shoulder width apart like a regular mt. climb)
  • 30 russian twists
  • 10 figure 8’s (in-and-out through the legs with the ball, like you do in basketball drills)

*Record the number of reps of the circuit you did in the 10 minutes and then do it again in a day or two, always trying to increase the number of reps you complete!

Challenge yourself!

morning workouts

Recently I have been trying to complete at least a 10 minute workout first thing in the morning. Today I was supposed to get up at 5:30a to do a full workout because I have training all day and then class all night.

Well, I didn’t do it.

I slept.

And snoozed.

Slept some more.

Then I did this workout:

I plan to do at least this each morning. Then I might also add this, either in the morn or at night:

I got both of these workouts from ItsFitnessBaby.

I’ve also been doing some ZWOW 10 minute workouts in the morning which have been really good!

gain some weight

I’m not talking about fat people, but you may gain weight by building your muscles. But you’ll look dang good!

Post-marathon, this month I am focusing much more on strength training/weight lifting than I normally do. I try to do at least 2 sessions per week regularly (usually one upper body focus, one lower body) but I am upping it to at least 3 sessions for at least 20 minutes.

I saw a personal trainer for about 6 months and it was helpful, but honestly I didn’t see much change. I did, however, learn a lot of good strength training exercises. For those of you who are new to strength training, I’ve compiled a few resources below!

Hop to it!

The Fairly Hot Couple – Information on weight lifting for women

Runner’s World – Build a Better Body

Lose Stubborn Fat! – Weight Training and Cross Training for Runners: Myth vs. Fact

Livestrong – Weight Training Workouts for Distance Runners

Running Planet – Strength Training for Runners

Marathon Training: Rest days

This morning I woke up and made one dang delicious breakfast of cinnamon french toast with strawberries:

Cinnamon French Toast for One

  • 2 pieces of bread (I used Aunt Millie’s 35 cal)
  • 1 egg white
  • splash almond milk
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • cooking spray

Heat skillet to medium heat and cook on both sides until brown. Top with strawberries and your choice of syrup (I used low-calorie cinnamon – mmm!).

Following this breakfast I read up on some scripture, drank some coffee with a mud mask on my face, and then did some fantastic spring cleaning! It feels so nice to have everything so clean!

Tomorrow is my first race since the tough mudder and my first half marathon since the Indianapolis one I did in October where I PR’d. It’s just a local race put on by the Ohio River Road Runners Club (ORRRC). It’ll be an interesting one since it’s local and probably pretty small.

So, two things:

1. Use other races to train for your marathon. When you use races to train you are training in the atmosphere that is most-like the atmosphere you will be in on race day. When you are training regularly there’s nothing like actually getting in a race, surrounded by people, aid stations handy and being timed. It’s great practice for the real deal – plus it’s fun!

2. Rest. I am so bad at resting – I tend to feel guilty if I skip more than one day a week. I know this is a bad way to look at things. It really is. It is so important, however. I did TRX again two days ago for the first time in probably a month and my whole body was sore. I needed some time off to let my muscles rest before trying to push out a great run on Sunday. Taking the time off gives your body the chance to repair and also prepare.

Read up on the importance of rest for runners and athletes, here:


Rest up, friends!

Marathon training: Weight training

The first marathon I did I never focused on weight training. Really, most of my life I have never focused on weight lifting. I didn’t really know what to do besides the basics and just didn’t really care. Honestly, it bored me.

The last year or so since my marathon I started doing a lot more weight training and have really enjoyed it. I have heard so much about how weight lifting is good for weight loss, so I’m giving it a go.

When I do lift, I usually focus on upper or lower body. Sometimes, however, I just get on a roll and do the whole darn thing. It probably is bad to spend so much time lifting in one day, but I just couldn’t control myself… That’s not true but for some reason this day I was ready to lift, lift, lift! I recommend breaking this workout in 2 or just doing the upper body exercises one day and the lower a different day! It’s up to you!

Full body weight plus cardio!


My undergraduate degree is in psychology. The last semester of my fifth year at IWU, I took my favorite class – Psychopharmacology. Loved it.

During the semester I also began doing TurboKick multiple times a week. Loved it.

In my psychopharm class and also (I would find out later) in my TurboKick class was a freshman girl who I’d often sit next to. She was so nice, so cute, and pretty dang smart (she was a freshman in what was mostly an upperclassman class!). She now teaches Turbo @ IWU and has been such an encouragement to me writing this blog!

I only knew her a short while but she is just such a great heart and soul! Such a blessing! She sent me this the other day about interval training and I loved it! Though it was definitely work sharing! Thanks Tiffany!

I’ve really enjoyed Tabata and HIIT in the past year! This infographic helps explain the benefits! If you haven’t tried this style of cardio yet, GET WITH IT!

March Challenge: Mad Abs

I mentioned before that I like little challenges – I think they keep things interesting and are much more attainable than the lofty ones I usually set for myself…

February had no fitness challenge, but I did do the Instagram FebPhotoADay! That was fun but with Spring just around the corner, I thought a fitness challenge would be nice. Luckily so did someone else – I found this Mad Abs March Challenge on pinterest!

I’m going to be doing it, who’s with me!?