Snow Day – workout links and recipe link

I woke up way to early today and accomplished a lot before work so I could come home and have a good workout before dinner with friends. I drove to do a school visit for one of my clients in some terrible snow, only to arrive and be told she didn’t come to school today. Dumb. The dumbest. I should have known. But, while I made the mistake of not calling to see if she was at school beforehand, I made the smart choice of checking my work voicemail from my cell phone and found out my 11 o’clock was canceling. Perfect. That was my last appointment of the day. So, I journeyed back out in the snow and came home for a good at home workout while watching Lie To Me. I also made cookies for a friend’s birthday and some cute little Valentines for my coworkers: 


Inside those cute little bags is some YUMMY Strawberry and Chocolate Puppy Chow from Life Love and Sugar. I doubled the recipe because I had a lot of gifts to give. It turned out perfect for 1/2 cup in each of the 24 bags.


(picture from Life, Love and Sugar)

Today during my workout I did 3 Tabata-style warmups: 4 minutes of jumping jacks, 4 minutes of stair running, and 4 minutes of floor jacks.

Then, I completed this workout by Back On Pointe:


I then finished it off by a Jillian Michael’s core routine.

You should give both workouts a try! Happy Friday!


Weight Lifting: Pyramids and Tabata

In this semi-off season of running for me, I am trying to focus more on strength training, quick cardio, and taking some new classes at the gym! Last week, for example I took a “hardcore and sprint” class which literally had my core screaming for about 5 days…

Recently, I have been trying new things with weight lifting, as it is one of my least favorite types of exercise. I know how important it is, but I just get kind of bored doing lots of reps or standing around resting… Here are the two methods I have used previously, that I’ve gone back to this week:



See this article on to learn all about pyramid sets.

Pyramids are my favorite because you get to lift heavier weights but don’t get burnt out on doing 3 sets of 15. booorrriinnngggg.

I usually do a pyramid of 12-10-8-6-8-10-12 reps and change the weight from 2.5 lbs to 5lbs. You can go all the way down to 2 reps and change the weight up however much you want. For example, today I did a dead lift dumbbell pyramid that looked like this:

weight          repetition
15                      12
20                      10
25                       8
30                       6
25                       8
20                      10
15                       12


I generally use tabata to do high intensity cardio, but it’s also really helpful for lifting. I like to do the standard 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 sets for a total of 4 minutes. Generally, when I do tabata for strength training I will alternate working sets using weights and without weights. For example, today I did a tabata with squats; the odd sets I used dumbells and the evens I just did body weight squats.


What are your favorite weight lifting/strength training methods or workouts?